Hot Rods For Veterans

Fayetteville NC Cruise & Show

Hot Rods for Veterans Inc (HR4V) is pleased to announce our second Cruise & Show in 2019 at the VA Home for Veterans in Fayetteville, NC. The cruise will take place on Saturday October 26, 2019.

The cruise will start at 8AM, the registration and starting point is in the Big Lots parking lot in Spring Lake, NC. We will use a Poker format for the cruise (explained below). 

The route is approximately 100 miles long. The route begins in Spring Lake NC and we will make our way onto Ft Bragg at the North Gate. Our first stop will be on Ft Bragg NC. We will follow the paved range road around Ft Bragg and out to our second stop in Carthage NC at Pik N Pig. The cruise will then move to Fayetteville and end at the VA Home in Fayetteville, NC at around 2PM.

The Car Show (2-4PM) is where we will get to meet and spend some time with the Veterans of the Fayetteville Home. This is a very important part of the event. The men and women in the VA Home have at one time in their Military Service been willing to lay down their life for the freedoms we hold dear, so please take the time to thank as many as you can while showing your car.

The car show is not in the typical format you have grown accustomed to. We have five trophies available. Four are what we call Veterans Choice Awards. These are decided on by a team of veteran judges, the criteria for the award are their own, and the recipients will know that their Hot Rod touched the Veterans in some way. The fifth trophy will be awarded to the car club with the most participants at the show.

Cruise and Show Events

Poker Run: Each participant will have the option to purchase a poker hand. You can buy several if you are feeling lucky. You will receive a playing card at the HR4V Tent at the following stops: the registration/start, the three cruise stops (Ft Bragg X2, Carthage), and at the final stop (Fayetteville Veterans Home). You must be present to win.

50/50: Tickets for the 50/50 raffle will be sold during the event. A 50/50 raffle is where the winning ticket holder receives 50% of the raffle ticket sales – the other 50% will go to the VA Home. You must be present to win. 

Get Tooned Up: Tickets will be sold during the event to have your car tooned up. There will be an example at the event. If you win this prize, your car will receive a cartoon rendering. Also, your rendering will be used for the T-shirt design for the next Salisbury Cruise-Show as well as the event flyer and banner.